Desktop and PC Repairs

Our Engineers are specialists in all makes of Desktop PC's including Apple MAC's, we can arrange an onsite visit or you can bring your Desktop into us here in Andover for assesment and repair.

At Planet PC our Engineers are specialists in diagnosing hardware problems on your PC, they have access to a fantastic suite of diagnostic tools to enable them to pinpoint the problem on the PC or Apple MAC and quickly offer a solution to you.

Our Engineers can service your PC and make it feel like new again.

We are experts at detecting and clearing up Viruses and Malware and in nearly all cases being able to retrieve your personal data, most Companies won't even try and get your data back stating that the virus has wiped the data out, we have a very high success rate in being able to do what other Companies wont or can't be bothered to do.

We can help you Install your new PC or Laptop and help set up software and applications.